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Good morning world!

March 12, 2013

It is a little bit colder in Stavanger this morning! My computer screen says -5 degrees Celsius, my body says “OH NO NO YOU WON’T” when I visit the balcony trying to figure it out.

After my first week here, I’m feeling pretty Norwegian this morning.

I’ve been going to bed around 10 pm and waking up at 7.00 in the last couple of days, which seems to be a healthy rhythm.

I’m having muesli for breakfast and there is “gravlaks” in the fridge and we’ve got potato wraps in the cabinet. By the way, the jam here is delicious!

The Norwegian radio is on and I’m trying to pick up some words.

I’m originally from Belgium and my family speaks a West-Flanders dialect and it’s actually really funny to notice that some of our Flanders slang words are pretty similar to their equivalent in Norwegian. It somehow gives me the hope that I’ll be able to learn Norwegian quickly.

Oh, it’s snowing! A cute light little snowfall. It does have a certain charm falling among the colored wooden houses.

Since we’ve arrived, we’ve actually been lucky to find only sunny days and blue skies. Apparently this week will be different.

I think it was a nice coincidence that we arrived after the harsh winter months had already passed, so we can ease into it next winter 🙂

As I’m more of a daylight person, I don’t think the long summer days will bother me so much.

All those talks of depression and insomnia make me want to prove to everyone who is advising on the dangers of moving to Norway, that it’s really not so horrible and if you have a little bit of positivism inside you, you will definitely find more advantages than disadvantages.

So far for us, it’s going well!

I strongly believe that adjusting to the new culture and environment by immersing yourself in it, is the best way to go!

The only reminder of our life prior to this move, are the little pyramids on the window sill….and honestly; they don’t look so bad in the snow!


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