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Norwegian habits with questionmarks…

March 13, 2013

And yes, it’s even colder this morning….Shouldn’t it get warmer towards Spring or is that different too in Norway?

I’ve noticed that Norwegians have quite contradictory characteristics;

– Pretty much all the personal details and private information regarding salaries, taxes and so on are shared publicly and many Norwegians are so open, they don’t even put curtains up. Most homes have huge windows all around and you can pretty much see every inch of living space AND who’s in it!

On the other hand, they like their space…in personal contact, handshakes from a distance, discussing private matters is not acceptible.

So what’s the deal? Show everything, but don’t talk about it?

Or is the public display of data merely a governmental issue they would rather live without?

And the openness around the home; is that just a strong confidence that fellow citizens have high respect for your privacy and won’t look?

And why can’t I see any display of affection in the street? A friendly hug or sincere touch? Is that not done?

If you are a Norwegian reading this, I’d love to know how you think!

Another thing I’ve noticed is that humor is used in pretty serious environments; a serious business conversation or a job interview; nothing without the occasional funny anecdote.

Isn’t that a lovely feature? I guess it makes heavy subjects lighter to carry and I can only recommend it!

Their TV commercials are pretty funny too…A doctor who faints in front of a patient with a tiny cut in the finger to advertise career counseling or cows left in utter amazement at a bouncing cow to promote aerated chocolate. It just makes you laugh!Image

And laughter is the solution to everything I’d say.

I wonder if a Norwegian citizen has a higher laughter rate than others.

With high living standards, great culture, solid government, amazing nature, I guess there’s enough to make you smile.

Although they say the living costs are extremely high, but the salaries are too…it seems to me that there is some extra magic here. Norwegians travel a lot, are very well-cultured and owning property is something for everyone…Maybe they are just better at saving or better organized?

Anyway, I’m working on getting the hang of it, because the end-result looks rather satisfying.

I’ll let you know how it goes!


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